26 August 2005

Never take life for granted...

How often do we thank God for every breath He gives us? Do we hug our friends and family, telling them how much we love them, because we don't know if it's the last time we'll see them in this life?

Minutes after I made my last post, I received news that my best friend and her siblings were in a car accident with their grandparents. The SUV flipped three times in the air and landed upside down. Miraculously, no one was killed. The worst injury received was a cut that required stitches. My friend's brother had just remembered to buckle is seatbelt minutes before the accident. He could have been dead.

My God is a merciful God.


At 06 September, 2005 16:36, Blogger Hannah Beth said...

Its been nearly two weeks since we had the accident and had to go to the hospital and everything...I'm still breathless.
God is awesome. God is great. God is incredible. God is holy. But the most important thing to me after the accident was that God is....

I guess that is what the whole thing taught me. That God loves me, and has the ULTIMATE power over my life. If I'm in a car accident, He can choose to let me die, or He can let me live another day. As the car flipped, I didn't know which would happen. But all I felt was Him holding me so tightly that I could barely breath, and I knew, that whatever happened, He'd still be holding me tight.
God is good. Always.


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