20 July 2006

Swing Me!

Jer and I are finally going to the swing dance meeting tomorrow night! Hurrah! Julia has been trying to get us to come for a long time and we can finally make it (and plan on doing so regularly). Thanks to Jason, Jer knows more moves than I do and will dance in public with me (and he can finally lead).

Julia says that this swing group doesn't do "aerobic" moves like we do, so our floor spin should bring down the house. Jer and I finally perfected our floor spin last night at church on a big area of smooth cement floor we use to practice (you need a lot of space for the floor spin).

I'll try to make sure Julia takes pictures of us (and maybe a video I can post here so you can see what it looks like).


At 20 July, 2006 14:19, Blogger The IBEX Scribe said...

Dancing at a church? Doesn't that break some kind of law? ;)

I took a swing dancing class once. It did not go over very well with me. Dancing's just not my thing!

At 20 July, 2006 15:08, Blogger ~*Joyzey*~ said...

Cool. So there is a swing dance club thingy up there! Where is it held and who puts it on?

Carey, the more I read about you and Jeremy, the more I just know I'm going to have to meet you guys when I move up there!

At 20 July, 2006 21:40, Blogger Barbara said...

Dad and I will be praying that no one gets hurt - particularly Carey ;)

At 21 July, 2006 07:48, Blogger Carey said...

Angie, get this -- it's at a Baptist church. Go figure.

Joy, are you moving up here?? Yay! Of course, you'll have to meet us! Didn't you use to live up here and then moved to Houston or something? Did you do Sonlight?

Mom, thanks... me, get hurt? Haha. I promise I'll try not to get a concussion this time. ;-)

At 21 July, 2006 21:26, Blogger ~*Joyzey*~ said...

No, we will be moving as soon as dad's job gets moved up there.

I know peopel who go/went to Sonlight.

I'd rather not say too much on here, but you are welcome to ask Jason or some how we could exchange emails or something.


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