23 December 2006

"Quiet Pool"

Lo, I say to thee, Wait upon ME.
Let thy life be as a deep, quiet pool.
Yea, let thine heart rest in Mine hand as a bird in a nest.
Let thine eyes be still. Let thine hands be free.
For then shall I fill all thy vision,
and then shall I take thine hands into Mine
and My power shall flow forth unto thee.

Only make unto thyself a place apart;
yea, a place removed from the press and turmoil,
and there I will meet thee. Yea I wait thy coming.
For I long to pour out my blessings upon thee,
and I long to give thee of My fulness.
Only be thou still before Me.
Let not the toils and cares of the day
rob thee of this sweet fellowship with Me.

For I know what things ye have need of, and I am
concerned about thine every duty and responsibility.
But thou wilt find thy cares have vanished
and thy load lightened as by an unseen hand.
For I will that ye bring Me thy love,
I shall in turn bring to thee My power,
so that I work for thee in a two-fold measure.

For I give unto thee the power to discharge thy duties with greater efficiency, and I also am actively engaged in working for thee in ways thou canst not see, to make thy path clear, and to bring about things which thou thyself couldst never accomplish, and which would otherwise absorb thine energies and wear out thy patience.

So I say unto thee again... Rest in Me. Wait upon Me. Come apart with Me. Seek My face. Seek My fellowship.


O Lord, what a shame that Thou shouldst need to beg us thus! Sooner might others seek to find us available and be unable because of our occupation with Thee, rather than this -- that we are so slow to come, so dull to hear, so cold of heart, so indolent of soul.
O God, spare us Thy wrath!
Let not Thine anger be kindled against us.
Let us ask but one thing more, and turn not away.
Grant us this one prayer more, O Lord, even that Thou wouldst give to us all that is lacking in us; that Thou wilt make our wills to will; that Thou wilt intensify our hunger and fire our devotion, and take the indifference from our spirits, and have Thy wonderful way and perfect will, O God, we pray.

~ From Come Away My Beloved by Frances J. Roberts


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