27 August 2005

The Camel Look

It's late afternoon. I've just returned from an Awana conference in Fort Worth and am enjoying some quality time with my couch. Dad is getting out equipment to paint the hallway.

"Can I help?"

"Sure. Grab a paintbrush."

I start at the opposite end of the hallway. It's a toupe/beige/camel/cream colour. Cumbersome large brush in hand, I begin to paint a patch of wall. After a few minutes, I notice bristles coming out of the old brush. Standing back, I realize there is quite a bit of hair on the wall. Hmm... kinda gives it that authentic camel look. Maybe no one will notice. Or maybe I'll start some new interior decorating craze -- camel walls.

What my dad does notice is that I can't colour in the lines... I've managed to splatter the baseboards and door framing. Now I have to go to the Home Depot and get trim paint.


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