27 May 2006

Prince Charmy

Taylor is really into this Disney princess thing. Everything is princess... and pink. Yesterday she was playing princess with me while Gracie napped. I sat on the couch writing in my journal and sipping my second glass of diet Dr. Pepper. Taylor walked up to me and placed a pink crown on my head, informing me I was Sleeping Beauty. Haha... I wished. Then I'd have an excuse to nap.

Five minutes later, Taylor told me, "Now you're Snow White... and you get Prince Charmy, okay?" I suppressed a loud laugh. "Where's Prince Charmy?" she asked.

"Umm..." I giggled. "He's standing next to that bookshelf." Taylor proceeded to talk to the invisible Prince Charmy and offer him some tea. I had such a hard time trying not to laugh too loud.

Another five minutes passed before Taylor informed me that (once again) my identity had changed.

"You're Belle now and you get the Beast."

"Oh great... can't I just keep Prince Charmy?"

"Noooo! Snow White has Prince Charmy and you're not Snow White anymore. You're Belle, and Belle gets the Beast!" Taylor stomped her foot.

"All right then..."


At 28 May, 2006 14:40, Blogger The IBEX Scribe said...

That's great! Out of the mouth of babes...oooh, reminds me of something to blog about today. :)

At 28 May, 2006 18:21, Blogger Redeemed said...

That's adorable. Not to mention, seriously funny!!!

At 28 May, 2006 19:32, Blogger Carey said...

Hahaha... yeah.

At 29 May, 2006 21:47, Blogger мαdd said...

Kids are too cute. Prince Charmy...aww. ;) You're more patient than I will ever be.

At 30 May, 2006 04:47, Blogger Carey said...

You'll get more patient the older you get. My mother always told me never to pray for patience... God will give it to you anyway!


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