27 May 2006

What I've been doing the past few days...

Yeah, I'm sure you really want to know.

Wednesday was back-to-back jobs (I'm working two this summer). Leave home at 7:30 AM, return around 10:30 PM. Looong day.

Thursday I met with the G sisters at church and we practiced our song -- it's sounding great! Home for two hours and lunch, then back up to the church to spend a few hours helping the G family label and case hundreds of Song of Solomon CDs in the media room. The girls and I went to another building on the church campus to help stuff thousands of bulletins for Sunday. Then back to the media room to help Mrs. G and William finish up the CDs. I had a lot of fun hanging around with them, even though they joked around about that being the last day I spent with them. "She's getting to know us too well," laughed Mrs. G, as I sat quietly casing CDs, chuckling to myself. Coming from a crazy family myself, hanging out with other families is nothing new for me. I enjoy just observing people -- especially families -- because you see more dimensions to people in a family context.

Friday was work again. I took the girls to the library and to run an errand at Wal-Mart for our outing. Left their house and went straight to a slumber party for my Awana girls at my friend Molly's house. It was very spiritually nourishing to talk with Molly and Lindy about the Lord. I enjoy the company of older godly women -- just sitting and listening to them, hearing how the Lord has worked in their lives, learning from their mistakes. It's such a blessing to have older sisters in Christ to talk to. Fell asleep around 4 AM on the floor while the girls were watching Phantom of the Opera. (I can fall asleep anywhere on anything at anytime through anything.) Woke up three hours later -- I can't sleep later than 7:30 AM no matter what time I go to bed -- and chatted some more before coming home to help Mama clean the house. I've been gone so much, I haven't had the time to help her. So that's what I'm about to go do... clean. Not my favorite pastime, but it makes Mama happy.

Tomorrow I want to go to the college student service and meet some new people. That will be fun.


At 27 May, 2006 12:18, Blogger The IBEX Scribe said...

I can fall asleep anywhere on anything at anytime through anything
Except airplanes, perhaps? Or was that someone else?

I am glad you had a good time. I, too, love to learn from godly women.

At 27 May, 2006 13:23, Blogger Consecrated said...

Sarah's mood will spoil if you wake her up at 7:30. So we'll just slip outside and do some devotions together.

At 27 May, 2006 14:56, Blogger Redeemed said...

hahaha, I wake up earlier than mommy for work and church on Sundays. The only day I enjoy sleeping in is Saturdays (it's the only day I can), but even then I wake up early in order to go tract passing.

Mommy wakes up very early on Saturdays (6am) and sings and does a bunch of long distance calls, which all involves a loud voice, looolllll, so her voice ends up going in my dreams and I get suuuuuuper confused, it's not even funny...ok, maybe it's a little funny.

Glad to catch a glimpse of you my little busy bee! Blosphere is just not as much fun without Carey.

At 27 May, 2006 18:04, Blogger Carey said...

Angie - Oh yeah... forgot about that. *chuckles* Well, I'll have some practice this August. Maybe I will be able to train myself to sleep on an airplane.

Leila - *laughs* Okay.

Sarah - I usually sleep in until 6 or 6:30 on Saturdays, so that's perfect. And thanks, I miss you too!


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