04 June 2006

Pictures From Yesterday

Jer (aka James Blonde) firing
the Walther P22

David looks a little mad (or maybe

he's concentrating a little too hard)

Jer firing the AK-47

The target I shot with the Springfield rifle


At 04 June, 2006 17:54, Blogger Redeemed said...

James Blonde...hahaha, good one!

Your brothers look like they really know what they're doing!

And Carey, NICE AIM!!!!!!!! :)

At 04 June, 2006 19:16, Blogger Carey said...

They know what they're doing (most of the time).

Jer and I are actually thinking of making a home movie/spoof starring James Blonde. Since it's summer, I might as well indulge in one of my hobbies - movie making/editing/directing. Then I'd post it on my blog of course. My car would be the Blonde-mobile. Hahaa.

At 05 June, 2006 04:38, Blogger Palm boy said...

Good shooting. How'd the Ak-47 handle?

At 05 June, 2006 07:26, Blogger Carey said...

My shoulder is still sore. I liked the way the Springfield handled better.


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