11 September 2006

A Heritage From the Lord

Aimee and the girls dropped by the nursery last night to bring me a present Taylor and Gracie had helped make for me. It was so good to see them. I got hugs and a pretty pink flowered gift bag.

I peeked in the bag first chance I got. Inside was a pink photo album -- I pulled it out. The cover was decorated with the girls' handprints and a beautiful black and white photo of them. I opened the album to look at the first page -- "We luv you Carey." My eyes watered as I looked through the rest of the album -- pictures of Taylor dressing up with Amanda's girls, Gracie playing the piano, Taylor's first day of ballet, Taylor's first day of school. It was such a sweet time that went by so quickly. Seems like such a long time ago now.

What a change -- from "mommy bootcamp" back to the secular college scene! But at least I have that precious album to remind me of this summer.

This morning I read Psalm 127. Verse three states "children are a heritage from the Lord." Even though I don't have children of my own, it is such a privilege to be a part of other children's lives. The Lord has blessed me with so many opportunities to be a part of kids' lives -- I consider it such an honor.


At 11 September, 2006 08:36, Blogger Barbara said...

Boot camp isn't over yet, is it? After last night (22 children - 3 years and under - in 1 room), we crawled home! "And the King shall answer and say unto them, 'Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, you've done it unto Me.'" Matthew 25:40.

At 11 September, 2006 14:48, Blogger Redeemed said...

That is really sweet and a thoughtful gift. Like that, you will always remember your summer with Taylor and Gracie, just as they will remember it too :)


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