02 October 2006

Outreach Sunday

My church partnered with two other small churches yesterday for Outreach Sunday. (The first Sunday of every month we go out and do evangelism.) We're all smaller churches that branched off from Denton Bible -- Lifeline Bible Fellowship, my church, is predominately African-American; Denton Community Church, predominately Caucasian; and Nuevo Templo, a Hispanic church.

After a worship service together, we mixed everyone and divided into five teams, taking different neighborhoods in our city to do tract-passing and door-to-door evangelism. It was awesome! Walking up to a complete stranger's house and knocking on their door sounds intimidating to most people. Walking up to a complete stranger's house, knocking on their door, and then asking them if they have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ sounds even more intimidating!

My group was comprised of two other women and a guy. Even though we only spoke with four people out of ten houses, we planted some seed. One lady we spoke with was actually a member of Denton Bible. We had a nice visit and got to pray for her kids, who are my age and not walking with the Lord.

Another guy who answered the door said, "Oh, I'm Baptist."

"All right, well, is there anything we can pray about for you?" Chris (the guy in our group) asked.

"No, I go to a Baptist church," and with that he shut the door. We all looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. Texan Baptists can be weird around non-denominational folks like us. (We have no label, so they don't know what to do with us.)

After the door-to-door evangelism, we all met back at the Sumrall Center (a DBC building where Lifeline is held) for food and fellowship. I didn't get to stay long, because I had to go up to the main DBC building to do childcare for the evening service, but I thought it was so awesome to see such an ethnically diverse fellowship of Christians laughing and eating together.


At 02 October, 2006 15:50, Blogger Redeemed said...

That's great, Carey, way to go, planting some seeds!!! Amen!

At 02 October, 2006 16:21, Blogger ~*Joyzey*~ said...

Good work Carey.

At 03 October, 2006 05:10, Blogger Palm boy said...

Baptists can be funny people...hehe.

I'm betting he really wasn't baptist, but just wanted to get away from the 'relgious freaks'.

At 03 October, 2006 14:10, Blogger Carey said...

Yeah, probably.


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