25 December 2006

Music, Poetry, and Chocolate

For Christmas this year, I asked my family members not to get me the usual practical things like clothing, but to donate money to my "guitar fund." Each donated enough to bestow me with 75% of the needed funds to get a guitar and sturdy case (for travelling). Included with my older brother's donation was a note that said: "The guitar stays in your room." In other words: "Don't you dare practice guitar in the living room and make me suffer, you little hippie." I laughed.

Mom, wanting to contribute something a little extra, presented me with chocolate (a sure-fire winner) and a book... but not just any book. It was a poetry book I've wanted before it was ever published or before anyone knew it was going to be published -- a beautiful leather-bound copy of Tommy Nelson's The Musings of an Evangelical Mind. Years ago, I had told Tommy that if he ever published his poetry, I wanted an autographed copy. It was finally published last year, but I couldn't afford to buy it. But now it sat in my lap. I opened it.
For Carey
Hope this gives you hours of blessing.
Tommy Nelson
I would have cried, but David stopped my sentimental gush with a glare.

Couldn't have asked for better presents: music, poetry, and chocolate (my three passions).


At 25 December, 2006 18:44, Blogger Redeemed said...

That's real sweet, I am happy to hear you got exactly what you wanted. Can't wait for you to buy your guitar, it'll be awesome!!

At 26 December, 2006 17:59, Blogger Barbara said...

I knew that you would love it - I just didn't know how much...and it is sweeter for the waiting, as are many things in life!

At 26 December, 2006 20:49, Blogger Carey said...

Oh, Sarah, I looove your profile pic! Gorgeous!

At 26 December, 2006 20:49, Blogger Carey said...

Thank you, Mommy! *hugs*

At 27 December, 2006 06:23, Blogger Redeemed said...

Thanks, Carey. You always look great in all your pics ;)


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