04 September 2005


David, my older brother, has the cutest and craziest pet chinchilla named Reepicheep (from the Chronicles of Narnia). Last night, my two brothers decided to let Reep run loose in the hallway. I had already been asleep for two hours and, of course, did not expect a furball to be running through the hall. Sleepily stumbling out of my room to go to the bathroom, I caught flash of gray. Something as running towards me! The chinchilla greeted me by perching on my feet. Was I startled! My brothers though this was great fun. Reepicheep continued to follow me as I walked to the bathroom door. Even when I managed to get in, the little monster sat in front of the door, chewing on it while he waited for me. In the daytime, I would think this very funny, but it was rather creepy at 11 PM.


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