19 December 2005

We all weighed in today -- Mom lost ten pounds, Jeremy (my younger brother) lost sixteen pounds, and I lost a total of fourteen pounds. Our first two weeks are over, and we can begin to add more wholesome carbohydrates back into our diet.


At 22 December, 2005 00:18, Blogger Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Well done.

You really need to get those carbohydrates back. The health disadvantages of a low carbohydrate diet are serious.

God Bless


At 23 December, 2005 13:48, Blogger Carey said...

Oh, we are. The first two weeks were carb-less to readjust our metabolisms (or so I was told -- I need to read the book for myself). We're eating carbs now. Tonight we're having a pasta dish that uses organic whole wheat noodles.


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