04 June 2006

My Feet

Carey: Can you picture cute girly shoes on my feet?

Jeremy: No more than I can picture them on a man's feet.

Like I've said before, God gives you brothers to keep you humble. Little children do a pretty good job, too. Taylor will examine the calloused soles of my feet with great concern and comment,

"You have hard skin. Will I have skin on my feet when I get big? Like yours?"

"Only if you walk barefoot your whole life and don't wear shoes."

She looked at my feet again. "I will wear shoes."


At 05 June, 2006 04:36, Blogger Palm boy said...

bah. Callused feet are a sign of work and experiance, not something to shy away from.

At 05 June, 2006 07:04, Blogger Consecrated said...

Taylor is a smart kid.

At 05 June, 2006 07:22, Blogger Carey said...

My thoughts exactly, Robert. However, Taylor would be smart to wear shoes so that she (unlike myself) does not step on sharp objects.

One time I cut my foot pretty badly on a broken microscope slide (in my closet floor, no less) just before I was about to leave for Awana camp with the Kollers. There was blood all over my closet wall, the carpet... a mess. Completely freaked my mom out when she heard "Oh, I'm bleeding everywhere."

At 05 June, 2006 07:37, Blogger Redeemed said...

Carey, lol, this is so funny.

I was cracking up the entire time I was reading your post.

At 05 June, 2006 11:52, Blogger Carey said...

Glad it made you laugh! That's what I like my posts to do - make you laugh, cry, or challenge you.

At 06 June, 2006 06:47, Blogger Consecrated said...

One look at Carey's feet, and Taylor made up her mind.

At 06 June, 2006 09:02, Blogger Carey said...

*laughs* She even wears shoes in the house (even though they're dress-up shoes).

At 06 June, 2006 18:19, Blogger Consecrated said...

I love to wear high heels at home. The sound of my heels used to upset my neighbors. Of course I don't do that anymore. It is not good for my back anyway.


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