28 December 2006

The Canadian Chronicles, part 1

My first solo international flight... I waited excitedly at my gate for my connecting flight to Chicago. Then it was off to Montreal!

Sarah and I had "met" online through blogging. We immediately hit it off through e-mailing and phone calls and before I knew it, her family extended an invitation to me to stay with them for a week. It took a little coaxing to convince my mom that it would be fine, and in May I purchased my airline tickets to Montreal for the first week of August. Little did I know that week would be life-altering.

01 August 2006

An excrutiatingly long lay-over in Chicago was spent eating Chinese food and people watching. I kept a list in my journal:
Hassidic Jews: 1
Orthodox Jews: 2
People with a limp: 8
Indian people: 3
Non-military people wearing camo: 8
People with wacky hair: 2
Five minutes before my flight was to leave, I discovered I was at the wrong gate (the flight was leaving for Nebraska). In a surge of panic, I called my mom to look online for my proper gate and then bolted towards my correct gate. Fortunately for me, a flight attendant went AWOL and delayed the flight half an hour while the airline acquired a replacement.

I got an entire row to myself and stretched across with a book my mother had given me: A Chance to Die by Elisabeth Elliot. As I read of Amy Carmichael's constant surrender to the Lord, I was convicted that there were areas in my life that I had not surrendered to the Lord. I wanted to live in a constant state of surrender like Amy did and asked the Lord for forgiveness. Right there, in mid-air, I surrendered everything -- all of my plans -- to the Lord. I wrote in my journal:
This is a turning point -- no returns, no regrets. This was my problem -- I was not living surrender. Now I think I shall begin to see the Lord work in mighty ways... and I want more than anything for Him to use me.

There is such a great difference between experiencing moments of surrender and actually living surrender itself. Just what that difference is, I have yet to discover, but I do not think my life will ever be the same after this moment. What changes will I see, I wonder?
Looking back, I can say: many changes. If only I had known what I was praying for!

I went through customs without any trouble (a rare event for me) and found my way to baggage claim. It took a while to find the right baggage claim, but once I did there was no trouble spotting my loud lime green luggage (I did that on purpose). I looked up at the signs for guidance to the exit. It was all in French.

Then the thought occurred to me for the first time: I am in a country I've never been to before where I can't speak their language, looking for people I've never met before and trusting they'll be here to pick me up to stay with them for an entire week. Am I crazy? I dismissed the thought and headed for the exit (best way to find the exit in a foreign country is to follow the crowds).


At 29 December, 2006 07:47, Blogger Redeemed said...

And so the chronicles begun! :)

At 29 December, 2006 11:04, Blogger Carey said...

Yeah, finally. lol

At 29 December, 2006 15:23, Blogger ~*Joyzey*~ said...

*trys to sit still and wait for the next post*


*trying... hard... Very hard......*

At 29 December, 2006 17:06, Blogger Carey said...

Haha... sorry, Joy. You'll have to wait until the weekend is over for any more posts. I'm about to be really busy again. Go check out "Wings of the Wind." Just recently updated the story.

At 31 December, 2006 17:12, Blogger ~*Joyzey*~ said...

Yeah, what is that anyway?
I saw somewhere that you updated it, went and started reading that update and I was like "shme?". But I haven't had the time to go read all(or any yet) the posts.

At 03 January, 2007 09:25, Blogger Carey said...

It's one of my dumb story projects. I'm mainly just doing it for Katy, Sarah, and Mom. It's not going to make the best-seller list.

I've got two other projects that I'd like to eventually publish: "Beloved" - a narrative of Jesus' younger sister, and "Mishpokhe" - the story of a Jewish family in 1910 New York.


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