01 January 2007

Give Me a Servant, Give Me a King

Don't try to sweep me
Off my of my feet.
Don't flaunt your resume
Or your good deeds.

I don't want James Bond
-- No debonair stud.
I don't want Prince Charming
On a dashing steed.

Give me a servant,
Give me a king.

I don't need love poems,
Nor roses so red.
Those things are nice,
But I want sacrifice instead.

No flow'ry words
-- No eloquent speeches --
To capture my heart
None of these are needed.

Give me a servant,
Give me a king.

Give me a leader
Who follows his God.
Give me a shepherd
With gentle rod.

Give me a lover
Whose constance fails not.
Give me a heart
Through which patience
is wrought.

Give me a servant,
Give me a king.

Carey Nofziger
01 January 2007


At 01 January, 2007 17:20, Blogger ~*Joyzey*~ said...

*stands and cheers* Right on!


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