07 September 2005

For the Love of Hamburger!

Preparing for a medical test is torture... especially this one. Can't eat solid foods for 48 hours. Have to drink a ton of medicinal fluid to clear out my colon. Confined to jello and chicken broth, I fear I shall kill someone before this is all over.

Oh, what I'd do for a hamburger! (And I don't even like hamburgers.)

No matter where I go I see food... TV commercials, the kitchen... oh.


At 07 September, 2005 10:58, Blogger Eddo said...

When I am on a diet like that I crave hot wings, and lasagne. There is nothing better than really good lasagne that is homemade with just the right amount of mozarella and expensive ricotta. I love the zesty sauce mixed with the perfect blend of spices. Top it off with some garlic sour dough toast right out of the oven with grated parmesan cheese - it is to-die for.

At 07 September, 2005 19:25, Blogger S. Morgan Pappas said...

I am sure Carey is in pain just reading that!

I didn't know you were sick. When did this happen? What's wrong? Do you know? When will you feel better? I'll be praying for you.

At 08 September, 2005 13:45, Blogger Palm boy said...

She's not sick, she's studing on how to make sick people better.

The starvation routine is part of the exam.

At 08 September, 2005 13:48, Blogger Hannah Beth said...

If only that were a part of learning to be a nurse. I'm praying for you, Carey!

At 08 September, 2005 13:58, Blogger Palm boy said...

Did I miss something?

She didn't say she was sick.
Bunch of pessimist out there.

At 09 September, 2005 08:43, Blogger Hannah Beth said...

Yes, you missed the post about the medical procedure:

At 11 September, 2005 09:29, Blogger Carey said...

I had to have this tube thing down my nose for 24 hrs. after the surgery, which made it impossible to swallow. So, I just waited one more day to eat. That was my longest fast on record... nearly three days!

Really, it's not that bad after the first 12 hours. If you can make it past that, it's okay... unless someone torments you with the thought of hot wings and lasagne (which happen to be some of my fav. foods).

At 11 September, 2005 12:59, Blogger Palm boy said...

Wow. I feel like an idiot now...

Did they allow flavored jello, or did it have to be unflavored gellatan?

At 12 September, 2005 07:42, Blogger Carey said...

I was alllowed flavoured jello -- as long as it didn't have any fruit or anything in it. Clear liquids don't really stick with you.


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