23 January 2006

College classes began again for the new semester last week. So far, I am enjoying most of my classes... except for public speaking and American history (my professor casts a dark eye on the Puritans as does any secular college history professor).

I've already made a few new acquaintances, who are to say the least interesting. Angela (from history class) is a sweet, slender red-head with freckles who lives with her boyfriend, as I discovered today. (I'm glad she didn't ask if I had a boyfriend. Though I'm proud of it, I always find it a little awkward to reveal that I have never had a serious boyfriend, still posses my virginity, and have never been kissed. People gawk at me like I'm some freak.)

Mark, from my literature class, is 30 and a very chatty fellow. He was getting a little flirty with me in class today (despite the fact that he is engaged). Mark passed a note to me during class asking "Do you like me?" I turned to him with an incredulous look and whispered, "We're not in highschool anymore." As long as I live, I never want to mess with a guy who is in some sort of committed relationship. I don't even mess with guys who have girlfriends... in fact, I don't really mess with guys at all. They're the ones who flirt with me... weirdos. Seriously, I could never do that to a fellow woman.


At 24 January, 2006 01:15, Blogger Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

You are sensible.

I never bothered dating when I was your age.

God Bless


At 28 January, 2006 19:54, Blogger Carey said...

All six years ago.

At 06 February, 2006 13:41, Blogger TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

Yes indeed.
A waste of time and money.
(My personal opinion)

At 06 February, 2006 16:52, Blogger Carey said...


At 06 February, 2006 17:17, Blogger TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

yeah, most dates cost something.
unless your really creative.
at least that's what I hear.


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