10 March 2006

Women's History Month

Ladies, March is Women's History Month! Check out some of these different links...



Quiz: Which Tudor Queen are You?
(I was Queen Elizabeth I)

What inspired me? A program on the History Channel about the Celtic Queen Boudicca (Boadicea). To quote Miranda Otto, "It's always fun when women get to kick butt." I love hearing about strong women leaders: Boudicca, Joan of Arc, Deborah, etc.

Can you guess who my favorite Lord of the Rings character is?


At 10 March, 2006 19:20, Blogger Palm boy said...

Random stab... Eoywn, the shield maiden of the Rohirrim.

What the heck is with 'history months'??? Do we ever have a White Guy history month??

At 10 March, 2006 20:24, Blogger Carey said...

That would be politically incorrect.

And yes, it is Ewoyn. How did you know? *mock astonishment*

At 10 March, 2006 20:27, Blogger Carey said...


At 10 March, 2006 21:21, Blogger TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

Palm Boy said it!
I'vew been asking the same thing.
Everyone else gets a month, or a day.
Where is White Man's Month?
Oh well...

Yes Eoywn would be my first guess.

At 11 March, 2006 02:12, Blogger Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I thought so too.

I like Gyma Wormtongue. He only ever tried to serve his king faithfully, but nobody wanted to listen to him. All those warmongerers drove him out of town.

Nobody likes reasonable people.

God Bless


At 11 March, 2006 05:21, Blogger Ednella said...

*splutters* Grima Wormtounge was only in cahouts with Sauruman... why should we listen to him!! The thought of poor Eowyn winding up with a... um... dolt like him makes me MAD!!!

Yeah, Miranda would say that :-) Was she talking about Viggo the whole interview, or has she finally gotten over him??


At 11 March, 2006 07:53, Blogger Carey said...

I think she still liked Viggo during this interview. It's on the Two Towers DVD extras. Who's your favourite character, Nella?

Matthew, you never cease to surprise me! Or shock me... one of the two. Can't you get a hint from his name - Wormtongue? He was a dolt to say the least... slick tongue, greasy hair, and most possibly bad breath. Ick.

At 11 March, 2006 07:54, Blogger Carey said...

Jason, if you were a LOTR character, who would you be?

At 11 March, 2006 08:23, Blogger Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Maybe Wormtongue was a family name. I did not choose to be Matthew C-.

As for his greasy hair, do you judge everyone by their appearance.

Wormtongue advised being friends with Saruman, but every king has to find allies. Wormtongue claimed that Saruman was a friend of Rohan. Why should we believe Gandalf who says Saruman was so bad? Gandalf might have wanted to take Isengard for himself.

Every Blessing in Christ


At 11 March, 2006 08:26, Blogger Carey said...

No, I do not judge on appearances. I was being silly, don't start something, O feather-ruffler.

At 11 March, 2006 13:56, Blogger Redeemed said...

Sorry not to join the Lord of the rings conversation, but women's history month!? I thought it was black history month...

I'm surprised feminists have not started a war over this....yap yap yap, it's women's history month...yap yap...yap

At 11 March, 2006 16:31, Blogger Carey said...

Last month was black history month.

I don't care for the men-hating feminism (because I happen to like guys, however strange they are), but women's suffrage has made many beneficial advances for women. Of course, it is also a pandora's box of sorts.

More on that later...

At 12 March, 2006 07:53, Blogger Julia said...

Ooh I have a really cute Eowyn wallpaper. It says "I am no man!"

At 12 March, 2006 08:07, Blogger Carey said...

Hehe... can you send it to me?

At 13 March, 2006 13:51, Blogger TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

Aragorn of course!
The perfect warrior with a big sword.
How can you beat that.

At 13 March, 2006 21:20, Blogger Carey said...

You can't.

At 15 March, 2006 18:26, Blogger Palm boy said...

A jedi. *der*

Luke Skywalkers beats up aragorns any day!

Womens sufferage???? WHAT THE HECK?? That movement was over in the 1930's, when women could vote. The US has done more then any nation in the history of EVER to advance women, often times artificially. Other nations, particularly Africa, Asia, and the Middle East have been repressing women for generations. How often do you hear the 'Womens sufferage' movement wail about the treatment there? NEVER.
In america, the biggest problem is the supposed 'income gap' between men and women. In other countrys, you can't even show your face outside of your bedroom.


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