25 July 2006

Ye Shall Move Swiftly

Behold, out of gross darkness, a light shall shine forth. Yea, out of the night shall a cry be heard. For I will make known My will unto thee, and thou shalt go no more halting, but YE SHALL MOVE SWIFTLY AND SURELY. Thou mayest not know what I am doing as yet, but ye shall know hereafter, and ye shall be moved by My divine unction and authority.

Ye shall not be left to falter as the blind searcheth out his way; but thou shalt put thine hand into Mine and we shall move out together. My Spirit shall be clothed upon by thy life and testimony, and thou shalt be empowered by My might and power.

My strength is indefatigable. Yea, I will be so to thee -- I will be an energizing and a quickening power within thee and upon thee, and thou shalt go in the strength of thy God. Thou shalt not fail; neither shall thine arm droop nor thy foot lag.

Thou hast no enemy to fear but only fear itself. Thou hast no weakness to contend with but such as doubt may produce. Look unto Me -- yea, constantly set thine eyes upon My face, and thou shalt be as the eagle and as the deer. Rest thine heart in Me. For in quietness and in returning shall be thy peace and thy strength.

Come Away My Beloved, by Frances J. Roberts.


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