24 January 2006

Normally Weird

My younger brother, Jeremy, is so normal he's weird.

My older brother David and I were both spectacled nerds during our highschool years. David was busy hacking into computers at school and I always had my nose in a book. Jeremy... well, he likes girls. *groan* Until the age of fourteen, Jer was an outdoorsy boy scout who didn't even know girls existed. Then those hormones kicked in... *sigh* He began asking me weird questions such as...

"Carey, what attracts you to guys?"

"Uhh... character... and I appreciate it when they smell good."

Since then, Jeremy has religiously doused himself in cologne, causing everyone to gag and grasp at their tightly closing throats.

"Carey, what kind of music do girls like?"

I stared at him. "Jeremy, it depends on the girl. Personally, I like all sorts of genres."

"Right... okay."

It's been a new crush every month. Last month it was a girl in the junior high/highschool group I work with. She freaked out and thought Jeremy was stalking her. He wasn't, but Jer doesn't know how to act around girls... now that I think of it, most guys don't. They behave strangely around females they like and can only emit a "Doy" or a "Gosh" (to my male readers: please don't take personal offense at any sarcastic references I make to your species... after all, it's not your fault you were born males... and no, I am not prejudiced). This month it's the church music director's youngest daughter. I am horrified. If Jeremy did something stupid, it would be humiliating for the whole family. Could we be excommunicated??

I think Jeremy pays as much or more attention to his appearance as I do (I'm a girl, so I have an excuse). He actually has a skincare regimen, which involves plastering a clay mask on his face at the slightest hint of a pimple, using cologne-scented body wash, and frequently asking me to style his blonde little head. I don't understand why he can't gel his hair by himself.

Oh, and then there's the cellphone issue. Apparently it is popular in today's teen culture to own a cool-looking cellphone. The rule in our family on cellphones is: you have a driver's license and a job to pay for your cellphone because Mama and Papa ain't payin' for it. I have lost track of how many times Jeremy has begged to borrow my cellphone (he never asks Mom becuase her cellphone is a dinosaur). David suggests I should put pink hearts and bears on my cellphone so Jeremy will never ask again. I may just do that.

Jeremy is also in the Age of Perpetual Embarrasment. Everything and everyone is embarrasing. I take advantage of this, and frequently threaten to burst into a Broadway number -- dancing and all -- in public. All I have to say is "I feel a song coming on" and disagreements are quickly solved.

Despite his oddities, I love Jer. He's a great kid, and the only guy I know who will watch chick-flicks with me and cry. He is strange, but sensitive.


At 25 January, 2006 10:20, Blogger Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Carey, I did not care about girls very much until I was 19. Before then I was too in love with myself to care about any girls.

When I finally dated a girl at the age of 22, I ended up getting engaged to her. Bad idea; she was an awful person. Thankfully, we broke it off.

Now the thought of being in love makes me sick.

Chick flicks? I do like 'Steel Magnolias' and that does make me cry a bit. I last watched it with my ex-fiance, so it might give me bad memories if I watched it now.

Every Blessing in Christ


At 26 January, 2006 10:01, Blogger Carey said...

Wow... nineteen! I think I started noticing boys when I was... let's see... I think I was ten when I had my first crush. However, I was a very contradictory little girl because I told everyone that boys were icky and I would never marry (yet I was going gaga over a boy five years my senior).

The thought of being in love makes you sick? *laughs* It used to make me sick too (probably because I was very disillusioned). Right now, I'm indifferent. If God has someone for me, He'll drop him in my lap and make it blatantly obvious becuase I'm too stupid.

In the meantime I'm going to have a great bachelorette life.

At 06 February, 2006 13:39, Blogger TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

That's horrible!
I can't beleive you'd use something like that to your advantage.
I can.
In fact.
I'm laughing because I can just see it.
Try and go easy on him.
He's at that age where he's very influencable.
try to use that to mold him in a positive light.

At 06 February, 2006 16:51, Blogger Carey said...

You can picture me singing in public? *laughs*

I'm trying to go easy on him. Even though Jer knows I'm not perfect, I still see him mimicking some things I do. It's a big responsibility when you have younger kids looking up to you. I know for a fact that Jer really looks up to you, Jason.

At 06 February, 2006 17:16, Blogger TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

I know,
Sometimes I worry
(OK, know)
that I'm not the perfect influence.
I hate being flawed.

At 07 February, 2006 16:40, Blogger Carey said...

I'd hate you if you weren't flawed. *laughs* If we weren't flawed, we wouldn't need God.

"And He said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.' Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in needs, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong." (2 Cor. 12:9-10)


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