19 February 2006

Movies I'd like to see...

  • Pride and Prejudice: I loved the 1995 BBC production starring Colin Firth. *swoon* (It was hugely popular amongst my female peers in junior high. We would watch it at almost every slumber party.) This new one with Kiera Knightly *gag* rouses my suspicions, but I am willing to give it a go. (Quicktime Trailer)
  • The New World: Although I hate Collin Farrell, I am still curious to see this movie. I have a weakness for historical dramas. (Quicktime Trailer)
  • Open Season: I know it's an animated kids movie, but Billy Connolly does the voice of an angry squirrel... how could I miss that? (Quicktime Trailer)
  • Fateless: Another historical drama I'd really like to see. (Quicktime Trailer)
  • End of the Spear: A drama about the murder of Jim Elliot and the other four missionaries with him (Quicktime Trailer)


At 19 February, 2006 11:55, Blogger TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

That Weird Factor block you have under freinds?
I beat you!
I got a 103.

At 19 February, 2006 14:36, Blogger Carey said...

*sticks out tongue*

At 19 February, 2006 14:55, Blogger Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I am not a big movie lover.

I would not mind seeing 'Pride and Prejudice'. I took part in a performance of 'Pride and Prejudice' at school many years ago.

I played Mr. Collins. Type-casting?

At 19 February, 2006 19:10, Blogger Carey said...

*laughs* I can imagine you as Mr. Collins... but I caould also imagine you as Mr. Darcy. Guess which character I'd be?

At 19 February, 2006 19:13, Blogger Carey said...

*could, could, could

And I'm an English major... *rolls eyes*

At 20 February, 2006 02:59, Blogger Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Mr Darcy? I am flattered.

The younger Bennett daughter who is always reading. Cannot remember her name. I did read the book a couple of years ago.

My sister played Elizabeth Bennett. I had to propoase to her, which was weird.

Every Blessing in Christ


At 20 February, 2006 04:31, Blogger Carey said...

*laughs* That would be weird to propose to your sister.

I read the P&P back in fifth grade... I was nine or ten, so I can't remember names outside of the main characters, either.

Jason: you only beat me by three points. I'd be curious to see what Matthew's score is.

At 20 February, 2006 07:04, Blogger Carey said...

As far as looks go, Matthew, I could picture you as Mr. Darcy, but I do think you'd make an excellent Mr. Collins.

While on the subject of Jane Austen characters... who would my other friends be?

Morgan: Elizabeth Bennet (from P&P)
Jason: Mr. Knightly (from Emma)
Julia: Lydia Bennet (P&P)

More to come... I have to leave for school in 15 minutes.

Maybe my next post will be comparing friends to different literary characters.

At 20 February, 2006 07:08, Blogger Julia said...

Lydia Bennet? Why Lydia Bennet? *frantically looks up lydia bennet*

At 20 February, 2006 07:17, Blogger Julia said...

I still demand you explain. :ppppppp

At 20 February, 2006 08:40, Blogger Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

My weird quotient is 89.

What was that all about?

At 20 February, 2006 14:50, Blogger Carey said...

Julia: Lydia B. liked boys and was a little flighty.

Matthew: The higher your score, the weirder you are. Looks like I'm weirder than you. Rose's score was 129!

At 20 February, 2006 14:51, Blogger Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Carey, I suppose I am not very weird.

But is this an American test?

I think British weirdness might be a little different from American weirdness.

God Bless


At 20 February, 2006 16:39, Blogger Carey said...

Hmm... I didn't think about that. Really, how would one defind "weird" in the first place?

At 28 February, 2006 13:45, Blogger Hannah Beth said...

I can attest that the recent Pride and Prejudice movie was good--even though it did have some American actors whose acting I normally avoid viewing for obvious reasons.(I'm trying to be really nice here. At least I'm trying...) You know what a Jane Austen buff I am, and I still like it.
The End of the Spear made me cry all the way through...Its an excellent movie.


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