28 February 2006


I discovered a couple of years ago that I liked video editing. Here are a few videos I made...

"Healed" Some of the photography is mine, but the majority is from various sources

"Offering" My nature photography set to music

"Mexico 2005" Mission trip to Reynosa, Mexico last year I went on with my JV/Varsity kids (I am the one with glasses and a tomato-like head)

"The Price of Freedom" A little teaser trailer I did for a book I'm writing (that would make an excellent movie)


At 28 February, 2006 18:30, Blogger TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

I see I've got competition...
Bring it on.

At 01 March, 2006 04:46, Blogger Carey said...

You've got it.


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