01 March 2006

Killer Carey

I drove home from work with Mom tonight (on one of those dark country roads where you can't see anything until it's five feet in front of your car). In a split second I saw a large skunk loping across the road and a loud CLUNK followed by a horrific smell. I wailed the rest of the way home,

"I killed an animal! I killed an animal!"

Mom was more worried about the car. It still stinks and I have a lunch date tommorrow (with girlfriends, not a boyfriend - don't worry people). But I feel horrible... I've never killed animal... except that time I was given the task of killing the mouse that plagued our storage building (no one else would do it). I cried when I killed it and kept apologizing to the dead mouse as I gave it a proper funeral. Don't scoff. I give animals proper burial. We have a graveyard behind our house where my little bunnies are buried. *sniff* One died of cancer and the other died from a heart-attack. Poor little bunnies. Poor mouse. Poor skunk.

Sorry... as you can tell, I am an animal lover and a bit of a tree-hugger. I think I got it from my mama.


At 02 March, 2006 05:47, Blogger Palm boy said...

That skunk was just going to cheap thrils. He gambled and lost.

Do any damage to the car?

At 02 March, 2006 06:42, Blogger Carey said...

No damage, but I was afraid to look at the car lest I see a partial skunk still attached (disgusting thought, I know). Thankfully there were no guts or damage that I could see, but the car still reeeks.

At 02 March, 2006 08:39, Blogger Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

You are sentimental. Never mind.

God Bless


At 02 March, 2006 08:40, Blogger Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I notice the new look. I going to bring back any of the artwork?

At 02 March, 2006 09:28, Blogger Redeemed said...

I don't know why I find this funny.

I see it more as "one less skunk to worry about."

Sorry about the car. Did you try removing the smell with tomatoes, I always wondered if that actually works.

At 02 March, 2006 13:21, Blogger Consecrated said...

Watch out World. Dangerous driver behind the wheel.

At 02 March, 2006 15:16, Blogger Ednella said...

Oh, my dog broke his chain once and ran off and got sprayed by a skunk. He was drenched with... stink. He smelled awefully bad for at least 2 weeks! Thankfully it was summer so he could sleep outside.

I like your new layout! Blue is my favorite color :-) Oh, and thanks for adding me to your friends list! I've been meaning to link to you, but with my dad gone it has bee really hectic around here!

At 02 March, 2006 15:33, Blogger Sarah said...

Oh, Carey! Sorry, but I laughed all the way through the post! It's so much like you to be sad about animal's deaths (not that that's a bad thing). We used to have rabbits, but they died away slowly from different causes, such as freezing to death (Agh!), old age, and some kinds of diseases. Poor little rabbits!

At 02 March, 2006 18:34, Blogger Carey said...

Yes, I am sentimental, Matthew, but not about everything... just animals and people... and I like to have a good cry during war movies.

I'll bring back some art work, don't worry. Being an artist myself, I can't stand not having art.

Sarah A - I suggested tomato juice to Mom, but we drive a BIG van and it would take a lot of tomatoes. Being the cheap person that I am, I'd rather smell skunk for a couple of weeks than spend a hundred dollars on tomato juice.

Leila - Now skunks will run when they see me coming down the road. Actually this one was running too... just the wrong way.

Nella - Sounds like a doggy thing to do. If we had a dog I'm sure it would smell of skunk frequently. Skunks are everywhere! I think it may be due to Spring - everything and everyone goes crazy.

Sarah G - Hehe... glad it made you laugh. My family thought I was hilarious. When one of rabbits died I wept and locked myself in the bathroom for an hour. That was a few years ago. Now I just cry or mope half the day and feel sorry for the animal. If Dumpling died I'd probably be hysterical. She's my baby.

At 02 March, 2006 19:12, Blogger bob said...

Carey, I habitually and conscientiously stop for turtles and tortoises in the road. Usually I bring them home and set them loose in the garden or the stream,...even snapping turtles get a hand from me.
I was driving in Virginia on a narrow road which had ditches on either side and no shoulders.
A car was coming around a bend in the road and I could see that there was a box turtle in my lane. I couldn't do anything to avoid him. I ran over his back end, and I can still see it in the rear-view mirror...head arched up as though screaming in pain.

I may know a little of how you feel about this. For me it passed but I will never get the image out of my mind.

your friend on Care 2

At 02 March, 2006 19:34, Blogger Consecrated said...

YUK. I don't understand how some people can drink the V8 to begin with, and to spray my car with tomatoe juice, thank you very much.

P.S. Why does PB wear a mask?

At 02 March, 2006 19:53, Blogger Redeemed said...

I much rather eat tomatoes!

At 03 March, 2006 04:13, Blogger Carey said...

Hi Bob! Welcome!


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