03 August 2006

I'm here, by the way

Hey, everyone, I'm here in Montreal. Don't have enough time to write a long post because I'm busy having adventures. *laughs* And I do mean adventures. I already had several within my first 24 hours here. Will write long post later. Just thought I'd post something and let you know that as of now, I am still in one piece. Now I must get ready to leave for my next adventure (which involves roller coasters).


At 03 August, 2006 07:13, Blogger Barbara said...

Now I know why I posted on prayer on both blogs (mine & Rubies) yesterday! I shall resume, in sackcloth & ashes!

At 03 August, 2006 08:07, Blogger Palm boy said...

Rollercoasters! If you get the chance, ride on the front, lean forward, and hold onto the front of the car for the entire ride. If feels like its just you and the track, and its really really fast.

At 03 August, 2006 14:36, Blogger The IBEX Scribe said...

Yay for roller coasters! Woohoo! I'm a big fan of them. ;)

At 03 August, 2006 18:39, Blogger Consecrated said...

Thank you for letting Carey visit. You can imagine that I too am on my knees for both girls.

I do not want to take the wind away from Carey's sail and I am all but anxiously awaiting to read her report.

At 04 August, 2006 05:57, Blogger Redeemed said...

Carey, the roller coaster adventure was a BLAST!!!!!!!

LOLLLL, Barbara....we do appreciate the prayers though.


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