28 July 2006

On Doing the Father's Work

Behold, I say unto thee, there is a day coming when ye shall regret thy lethargy and ye shall say, "Why have we left the vineyard of the Lord uncared for?" That with which ye have been occupied shall appear to thee in that day for what it is -- chaff and worthlessness. For there shall be nothing of lasting value, and no reward for the works of thine hands, which ye have done in your own strength, and which I have not commanded thee to do.

Jesus Himself was directed by the Father in all that He said and did. Dare ye live according to the dictates of thine own carnal heart and puny human understanding?

Lo, I have fashioned thee for better things. Fail Me not, but place thy life under My divine control, and learn to live in the full blessing of My highest will.

I will strengthen thee and comfort thee and will lead thee by the hand.

From Come Away My Beloved, by Frances J. Roberts


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