16 August 2006

A Very Domestic Day

Taylor started pre-K yesterday, so it's just Gracie and me. It's really strange just having one kid now. I miss Taylor, but I know she's having fun. (She's pictured left in her uniform -- this morning before she left for school.)

Gracie and I went to my mom's house this morning to visit for a little while. My friend Amanda called while were there and wondered if I could watch her three girls for a little while so she could get her hair cut. So I took Gracie back home for a while in hopes that she would take an early nap -- but to no avail.

After lunch, we went to Amanda's house. It was just me and four little girls -- ages four, three, 18 months, and 17 months -- for a couple of hours. The girls played nicely the entire time (praise the Lord). They played with "Floam" (freaky version of play-dough), dressed up and danced to my cellphone ringer, painted fingernails, etc. They're easily entertained.

Once we got back to the D's home, Gracie finally went down for a nap around 2 pm. She's still sleeping actually. I'll wake her up after I wash some dishes and pick up a little.

So that's my very exciting domestic day so far. When Aimee comes home around 5:30 with Taylor, I've got to head to the church to practice with the G sisters and then work childcare until 9:30 pm. I should get home around 10 pm... that would make my work day a total of about 13 hours. Sheesh. Three jobs... one day... many kids. Wow. I wonder why the Lord is drowning me with childcare jobs. I have yet to work a "normal" office job (which probably wouldn't suit me since I'm so active).


At 16 August, 2006 17:04, Blogger ~*Joyzey*~ said...

Count it a blessing and learn all you can now so you will know exactly what to do when Your the mommy, because you've seen it all before(I pray not All of it, but enough so you know what to do).

At 16 August, 2006 22:41, Blogger Carey said...

*laughs* Yeah, Sarah calls it "mommy boot camp." It will come in handy some day if the Lord sees it fit to give me children.


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