07 June 2006

Good Morning

So far, it's been a great morning -- Gracie has been really cheerful (praise the Lord!). The girls are playing in their "castle" as I type -- which consists of couch cushions all over the living room. We are working on sharing today (as well as please and thank you). Even though it hasn't been easy, I am very grateful for this job -- good mommy training. I am learning the true meaning of "dying to self" by caring for these two little girls. What a blessing! The Lord has been gracious to provide me with some training so I'll be more prepared when (if) I have my own children. Now I know a little better what I will (would) be getting into! Of course, it is also a great blessing to be able to be a spiritual influence in these children's lives. What an awesome privilege!


At 07 June, 2006 09:37, Blogger Redeemed said...

And good morning to you too , Carey!

You sure are getting "intense momy bootcamp" this summer. It is great though, maybe the Lord is preparing you for something...

You are a good influence not just on those precious children, but to even myself. ;)

I hope you are still have an enjoyable day. Talk to you later & God bless,


*ok, this is more like an e-mail than a comment!!!

At 07 June, 2006 10:17, Blogger The IBEX Scribe said...

I want to make a castle out of couch cushions!

At 07 June, 2006 16:29, Blogger Carey said...

Preparing me for something, eh? Maybe... the way things are looking for me right now, I won't be married until I'm 50.

Aww... thanks, Sarah. You've been a good influence on me too! *hugs*

*laughs* Angie, are you volunteering your couch? Jer and I used to make elaborate forts out of cardboard boxes (because we were always moving). Who needs toys when you have cardboard boxes?

At 07 June, 2006 17:47, Blogger Palm boy said...

Yep. Esspssially the ones that used to have refrigerators in them.

At 07 June, 2006 18:31, Blogger untamed said...

Wow, that's so awesome! I have been helping in the church nursery and have been babysitting, so I know the feeling!

At 08 June, 2006 04:19, Blogger Carey said...

It's hard work, isn't it? But it's really rewarding, especially when you get to see the kids grow up and be a part of their lives. It's awesome.

At 09 June, 2006 07:03, Blogger Consecrated said...

Talking about training for the future. May I suggest a course or two in cookery and nutrition. :)

At 18 June, 2006 12:00, Blogger Carey said...

Haha... you mean you're not supposed to burn food? Yeah, Mom's working on that already.


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