19 June 2006

Musician of the Week

The Silent Kays frontman and chief songwriter Joel Dennis began piecing the band together in the Summer of 2002 with the help of long time friend and North Texas School of Music classmate Wayne Snyder. After a year of establishing and refining the bands sound, the group began work on their self-titled EP, later described by Dave Sims of Paste Magazine as Smart, earnest pop that could play the stadium or dorm room with equal ease, sometimes in the same tune." Moving over 1,000 copies in their hometown of Dallas on the strength of their live show, soon word spread and fans began to grow. The EP started getting passed around, and Nashville record industry veteran and hit songwriter Rick Crawford received a copy through a friend, immediately contacting the band inspired to represent them. With Rick joining the team and The Silent Kays expanding their fan base with each show, a buzz was generating. A new fan within the ASCAP organization sent ASCAPs director Shawn Murphy a copy of the EP, and he asked the band to play the main stage for a Dallas ASCAP Showcase event during the Dallas Music Festival. The showcase performance was a resounding success, responsible for several expressions of interest from labels and enlisting more fans. While new listeners are falling in love with The Silent Kays music each day, the band is currently in the studio, working on their new album, "Like Knife and Knowledge." The highly anticipated full-length album is slated for a Summer 2006 release and is sure to further the momentum and popularity that has rapidly been growing. (From http://www.myspace.com/silentkays)


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