18 August 2006


This morning was crazier than originally planned. Dad took me to take care of the care instead of Mom (because she stayed up late again). The moment I got to Aimee's house, Gracie and I were out the door. We went to take care of the tire, then Dad drove me to the bookstore to get my textbooks. He carried the books for me while I hauled a talkative toddler on my hip. Got lots of compliments on Gracie's red hair (as always).

We then went back to my folk's house so Jer could put the repaired tire back on my car. Then I planned to drive my car back to the D's house and put Gracie down for a nap. Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand (Prov 19:21). Jer somehow stripped two of the lug-nuts (or whatever you call those things that hold on the tire), so that means more work for Dad and yet another trip into town to get parts.

So Dad brought Gracie and I back to the house and is on his way to get the parts needed to fix my car. Then back home to correctly put on the tire. Mom's going to drive Beep Beep up here later on the way to the Mexico party -- that way I can go to swing club and stay out late (yipee).

So that's my day so far... and it's only 1:04 pm.

[PICTURE: Gracie played piano while Jeremy was trying to put my tire back on.]


At 18 August, 2006 18:41, Blogger Redeemed said...

Quite an eventful Friday! Let me know how your Mexico meeeting went tonight.

At 19 August, 2006 06:17, Blogger ~*Joyzey*~ said...

Hey, be back on Monday. Talk with you then!

At 19 August, 2006 16:15, Blogger Palm boy said...

Stripped out the nuts? Bummer. Are the tires on now?

At 19 August, 2006 18:37, Blogger Carey said...


At 19 August, 2006 20:31, Blogger мαdd said...

Haha! Poor Jer...you abandon your brother outside in the Texas heat to change YOUR tire while you play the piano inside?

You're an awful sister. xD

P.S. Gracie's hair is simply gorgeous...I'd kill for simple, not-dirt-blonde hail like that.

At 20 August, 2006 11:08, Blogger Carey said...

I'd just get in his way, Katy. He doesn't like people standing around while he's working on my car. (Which makes me wonder...)

Yeah, isn't her hair beautiful? Always get comments on it when we go somewhere.

At 20 August, 2006 20:00, Blogger мαdd said...

Yeah, my brother ethier. He just yellas at me. :D

At 21 August, 2006 04:29, Blogger Carey said...

Haha... brothers. *rolls eyes*


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