26 August 2006

Last Day

Yesterday was my last day as a nanny. Come this Monday, I shall be a college student again. I'm really going to miss the D family -- especially the girls. Looking back on this summer, it's amazing to see how much God has taught me -- not just with the nanny job, but in other situations as well. I feel as though I've aged another five years or so. God must have great plans ahead, otherwise He wouldn't have worked so hard on me this summer.

Something rather funny came to my mind yesterday afternoon. I was recalling when I first met the D family -- almost three years ago. Joel and Aimee brought Taylor to the nursery every Sunday night before going to the service. I was sixteen at the time and not too thrilled about working in the nursery. I didn't want to get married or have kids -- let alone work in the nursery -- but God sovereignly placed me there for a reason. Taylor and I hit it off from the start and I began to warm up to the shy little red-head.

Being the imaginative writer I was (am), I wrote a fictional short story based on Taylor -- a college student meets a family, becomes their nanny, and eventually changes her mind about having kids of her own someday. While at the time I couldn't picture myself doing such a thing, little did I know that's exactly what would happen! I can honestly say, that after caring for Taylor and Gracie this summer, I do want to have kids of my own someday. This is a big change coming from someone who hated guys (in general) and wanted to be a career woman!

Doesn't God have an ironic sense of humor?

[However, I also see what a big responsibility parenting is, and I'm in no rush to get into it. I'll enjoy my years as a single college student.]


At 26 August, 2006 08:38, Blogger ~*Joyzey*~ said...

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At 26 August, 2006 16:01, Blogger Redeemed said...

Back to school isn't so bad, the sooner you start, the sooner you're finished with your studies.

Gracie and Taylor, however, will miss terribly, that is for sure. May the Lord reward you for all your hard work this summer with His little ones.


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