24 August 2006

Excuse me while I bubble...

Even though I'm not looking forward to the next semester of college, I am really excited ("thrilled to pieces") about starting the College Life ministry at church. Nothing gets me more excited than ministry and mission trips!

Sign-ups for the Shanghai mission trip have already begun, and you know I want to be on that list! I've been looking forward to going to China for six years now, and what's even more fun is that my friend Jimmy hosts the college teams. (I knew him before he left to serve in Shanghai a few years ago, so it will be neat to see him on the field.) The trip is nearly a month long! Yipee!

Not only that, but summer of 2008 (Lord willing) I will go to two different field schools -- Ghana for my minor and the United Kingdom for my major-- for about three weeks each! So next summer, China for a month, and the summer after that, Ghana and the UK for almost two months!

Sorry, but I'm just giddy with excitement. Traveling to new countries does that to me. I have this personal goal of traveling to each continent before I'm thirty. So far, I've got three out of seven down.


At 24 August, 2006 12:12, Anonymous shieryl said...

May God bless you as you receive his callings with such joy and excitement! :)

At 24 August, 2006 12:16, Blogger Carey said...

Thanks, Shieryl! And thanks for visiting! Hope to see you more often (in the blogosphere, that is).

At 24 August, 2006 17:18, Blogger Redeemed said...

You have reason to be so excited! The Lord has wonderful plans for you, Carey, as you have surrendered your life to Him. Stay joyful!!!

At 25 August, 2006 05:56, Blogger Palm boy said...

And so thats why we got the lovely travel theme back.



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