16 September 2006

Solo Swing

Then the LORD God said, "It is not good that Carey should be alone; I will bring a dancing partner fit for her." (Carey Paraphrase of Genesis 2:18)
Last night was swing again, but all of my friends that I invited couldn't come until next week. Julia was sick. I tried to bribe Jeremy into coming with no success. I wasn't about to miss swing, so I went by myself this time.

The ratio of girls to guys must have been at least 4:1 last night. Allison, a grad student and swing regular, brought along all the little girls from her huddle group at church. We were overrun with 14-year-olds. So I was a good sport and did the guy's part.

We learned the Charleston in the lesson. I became quite adept, but I was doing the guy's part, so when I finally got to dance with a guy my feet were confused. Not to worry, because I only danced with two guys last night. I found it really strange because I always have plenty of guys asking me to dance -- I never get to sit down. A lot of the "regulars" weren't there last night and there were lots of cute high school girls for the guys to dance with -- that's my only explanation.

After the lesson, I stood on the sidelines waiting for someone to ask me to dance. Looking over my shoulder, I saw a familiar creepy smile. Oh dear Lord, no.

"Hi, would you like to dance?" Mr. Creepy-Stalker-Resembling-Wormtongue said.

Am I that desperate? I thought to myself, briefly glancing around. "Sure." I "accidentally" stepped on his toes, trying to do the girl's part instead of the guy's.

Without much prospect of dancing, I walked around and took pictures for a while before deciding to leave early. I was feeling bummed and lonely, so there was no reason to hang around and look glum. As I walked to my car, I ran into John, one of the regulars (and a good dancer).

"Hey, why are you leaving so early?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "I dunno... not many guys here tonight."

"Well, come on. I'll dance with you," he led me back inside. John was patient to let me catch on to the girl's part and danced three dances in a row with me. I thanked him, but decided to go home early anyway.

Next week will be more fun. Hopefully two of my pals and their boyfriends will come, along with a few guy friends of mine, and Jules. Maybe we can all go out to dinner or something and make it a big outing.


At 16 September, 2006 13:06, Blogger ~*Joyzey*~ said...

Ok, yeah that really makes me want to go. It is so nice to be around guys who KNOW how, and actually WANT to dance!! If you tell me what day, I may be able to swing it with my parents. I just wouldn't want my brother to not be able to really dance with anyone because we don't know yalls steps.

For some reason, I haven't been making a whole lot of sense in my comments as of late, so I'm just going to stop.

At 16 September, 2006 16:15, Blogger Carey said...

Umm... our next meeting isn't until October 7th. Sorry. You're a week too late (or too early).

BTW, from what you've told me, your group does the Charleston (or some version of it). We know that too, so don't worry about that.

At 16 September, 2006 17:13, Blogger ~*Joyzey*~ said...

Well darn. So what else are we going to do?

At 16 September, 2006 19:31, Blogger Julia said...

Aww man. Sad about the guy thing! I cant believe your purposely stepped on that poor little guy.
Hes really not THAT scary.
Which one is john?
Oh and yeah, next time I hope will go ALOT better!
Minus the 14 year olds, because if they are there again im gonna sit outside and talk.

At 17 September, 2006 07:38, Blogger Carey said...

I didn't really purposely step on his toes. Honestly, it was an accident.

*laughs* It wasn't that bad with the little girls. I had fun teaching them. Don't be such a pickle, Jules.

At 17 September, 2006 10:07, Blogger Jeremy said...

I hope the other girls do come back! It would be nice to dance with someone that is younger than me, instead of three to four years my senior!

At 17 September, 2006 10:12, Blogger Jeremy said...

BTW, I would have come except for the fact that I had to mow TWO lawns that day.

At 17 September, 2006 13:23, Blogger Carey said...

*laughs* Yeah, Jer was like, "Man, if I had known there were going to be a bunch of high school girls..."

At 17 September, 2006 14:40, Blogger Julia said...

Yeah yeah.
Im not being a pickle!
And im glad you didnt mean to step on him.

At 17 September, 2006 20:12, Blogger Carey said...



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