31 March 2006

Look Not Back

Behold, in the hollow of My hand, there have I made thee a nest, and thou shalt lay thee down and sleep. Though the elements rage, though the winds blow and the floods come, thou shalt rest in peace. For, O My child, thou art precious in My sight. I know thee by name, for thou art not the child of a stranger, but the fruit of Mine own loins. Yea, I have begotten thee, I have called thee by thy name, and thou art Mine.

Be not dismayed, for as I suffered, so shall ye suffer in the world. I have not taken thee out of the world, but I am with thee to help thee and to encourage thee, and to give thee strength in all thou shalt be called upon to endure.

Thou facest each new day with Me at thy side. (Never forget that I am there.) Thou meetest every difficult circumstance with Mine arm outstretched to fight for thee.

Lift not thine hand to attempt to accomplish any slightest task in thine own strength. This I have forbidden. God helps not those who help themselves, but He is the champion of those who cannot help themselves, and of those who are wise enough not to try. It is not thy cooperation for which I have asked, but thy submission. Not that thou go alone until thou fallest, but that thou draw upon My strength for every step -- both the smooth and the rough.

If thou form the habit of trusting Me in the easy way, thou shalt find it the natural thing to lean upon Me in the difficult situation. And if I bring thee through the river in the summer, thou shalt not fear to trust me in flood-time.

So clasp thy hand in Mine, and loose not thine hold. For thou canst not tell what great thing I may do for thee through some smallest happening. Thine every hair is numbered, and the most incidental occurrences of the most ordinary day My earnestness in helping thee.

Clasp Me to thine heart, for I love thee with an everlasting love, and with strong cords I have bound thee.

Look not back, but look ahead, for I have glory prepared for thee. Yea, when thou lookest on My face thou wilt surely say that these present sufferings are in no way comparable to the glory which I have in store for thee.

From Come Away My Beloved, by Frances J. Roberts


At 01 April, 2006 01:28, Blogger Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Sound stuff.

At 01 April, 2006 06:56, Blogger Redeemed said...

Very nice, Carey!


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