19 March 2006

This Morning

This morning was cold and damp, the lingering smell of wet earth hung in the air. A blue-gray sky hovered close to the ground, still heavy with rain. Finally the clouds have loosed themselves and it has been raining steadily for the past half hour. The thunder rumbles like a deep, long yawn.

All right, I need to stop with the drowsy poetic descriptions or I'm going to put myself to sleep.

I was up groggy and early this morning, dragging myself to the shower, trying to find something in my closet that still fits, smearing some make-up on, and downing a cereal bar and glass of milk. It might have been better if I'd checked the expiration date on the milk jug before I drank it. Five minutes later I was feeling queasy. Oh duh, Carey... the milk expired. Brilliant. Thankfully I didn't get sick all over the place. Better me than someone else in my family (some do not suffer graciously).

The sermon this morning was on Acts 8:1-25. I enjoyed it, but was a little unnerved at the prospect of starting the Song of Solomon next week. My pastor is especially famous in the US for his series on the Song of Solomon. Perhaps it is because he is not afraid to talk about... that stuff, you know. Pastor Nelson announced this morning that it would be a good idea not to bring kids under 14 next week. Jeremy and I exchanged worried glances. Great, need I guess what he is going to talk about? Last time Pastor Nelson taught something like this (four years ago) I purposely ignored the sermons dealing with male-female 'relations.' Maybe I should listen this time.


At 19 March, 2006 12:37, Blogger Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I hate it when milk has gone off.

I am really Obsessive-Compulsive about checking use-by dates.

I can understand you being embarassed that sort of stuff. I am that way sometimes.

Every Blessing in Christ


At 19 March, 2006 12:48, Blogger Carey said...

He's not just talking about *ahem* but also about dating and marriage. *Ahem* just happens to be tied into the marriage thing.

At 20 March, 2006 16:39, Blogger Consecrated said...

Is he married himself?

At 20 March, 2006 16:44, Blogger Carey said...

Oh yeah... he's been married for over 30 years and is a grandpa.

At 20 March, 2006 18:09, Blogger мαdd said...

Another SOS confrence? We have those like, every...three days at our church. *sigh* I wouldn't mind them if my perants didn't feel the need to attend them with me and discuss the things said during. My parents are old-fasioned. Nice, but old-fasioned. And a bit annoying at times.
I'm rambling. *leaves*

At 21 March, 2006 04:43, Blogger Carey said...

LOL, I kinda know what you mean. My mom is still stuck in the 60s and my dad... let's just say he never quite made it into the 21st century (or the 20th, for that matter). Being 'old-fashioned' isn't necessarily a bad thing, though.


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