24 April 2006


I am seeing a growing trend among some blogging friends to post a list with character traits they want in a spouse. Maybe a list isn't a bad thing, but I personally don't have a list. I used to make lists like that when I was in early high school, but gave that up when I entered into my man-hating period of life. I am extremely picky -- I know exactly what I want -- so I see no need in making a list. I will know. One of my prayers is that God would make that blatantly obvious to me, because when it comes to things like that I am totally oblivious. I wouldn't even know a marriage proposal if it hit me in the head.


At 24 April, 2006 15:32, Blogger Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I know what you mean.

I am unlikely to get married any time soon if ever (I hate the thought of getting married in my thirties), so the list was more for fun.

God Bless


At 24 April, 2006 17:02, Blogger Redeemed said...

A list is a good idea, though I do not have one. I am very much like you Carey, in that really don't know how these things work. What I do know, is to trust in the Lord.

You can have a "list" but I have learned that God's ways are never our ways. He is very good to His children and He will always give you better than you expect.

Just wait and trust in the Lord. He is faithful to those who are faithful to Him!!

At 24 April, 2006 19:20, Blogger The IBEX Scribe said...

Oh, sure, better than we are, Carey?

I think the list serves as a way for me to consider what it important. I trust God but not necessarily myself. If I meet a young man and we hit it off and he does not meet several items on the list it might serve as a red flag. It helps me, I think, to avoid making bad choices, in a very hypothetical I-haven't-dated-anyone-since-high-school kind of way.

At 25 April, 2006 00:45, Blogger Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Well, I have been engaged before, so I have learned the hard way about making bad choices.

God Bless


At 25 April, 2006 04:40, Blogger Carey said...

*laughs* No, Angie, I am not stating that I am better than anyone. Besides, at my age, this really shouldn't be too much of an issue. I like taking relationships slowly.

I have a mental "list" and can identify red flags.

At 25 April, 2006 07:15, Blogger Sarah said...

I've never made a list, either, Carey. I think that I can see the problem with someone without having to write it down! And as some of the other people have said, I know God will provide my right man when the time is right! :)

At 25 April, 2006 14:13, Blogger Carey said...

Amen, Sarah!


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