01 April 2006

Shadows of the Past

I see them passing by me,
Shadows of my past -
Relationships I thought would hold,
But they could not last.
They smile, cold and cordial,
These fragile wraiths of time,
Then pass out of sight,
Out of memory and mind.

What, these machinations?
Plans made long ago -
Never held the framework
I thought I was to know.
Why did I love these shadows -
No longer in my life -
Or think they were fore'er?
No more than a dream,
A wisp of smoke, blade of grass.

I laugh now, when I recall
Those fleeting thoughts I loved -
Held nothing in my heart...
So cold, so lost, so dead...
They return to meaningless existence,
While I seek my Life,
My Lord, my Love.

Carey Nofziger, 01 October 2005


At 06 April, 2006 19:41, Blogger мαdd said...

...wow. Just...wow.
*wipes small tear*
It's amazing, Carey!

At 07 April, 2006 06:00, Blogger Carey said...

Aww... thanks, Madd!


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