18 September 2006

This gave me chills...



At 18 September, 2006 19:20, Blogger Redeemed said...

This has nothing to do with your post, but I don't think I told you this before. I love your latest picture, you look beautiful!!

At 18 September, 2006 19:56, Blogger Carey said...

*laughs* Thanks, Sarah.

At 19 September, 2006 04:52, Blogger Palm boy said...

And its from the guy who did the patriot, so it should be good.

Did you watch the school for scoundrels trailer? (all of it?)

At 19 September, 2006 05:36, Blogger Carey said...

Yeah, that movie will make me cry... no doubt about that.

Yes, I did watch the trailer. Looks funny, but I doubt I'll go see it.


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