26 October 2006

To be selfish, or not to be selfish -- that is the question

It had been a long day working at MOMs from 8 AM to 3:30 PM. Mom had taken off half an hour before to babysit again at church for an evening social. I had just finished getting ready for Axcess (the highlight of my week) and was walking out the door when my cell phone rang. It was Mom. They were under-staffed (yet again) and she wanted to know if I could come help. Work again after a long day? Miss the highlight of my week? I bit my lip.

"... Sure."

"Well, we could probably manage," Mom said, hearing the hesitation in my voice. "It's your choice, sweetie."

Not really. It would be horribly selfish of me to abandon them, but I so badly wanted to go to Axcess. I struggled as I drove, but finally came to the decision that the right thing to do was put aside my plans and help out. Before I could even pick up my phone, Mom called again and said they rearranged the staff and they'd be fine. I could go to Axcess after all. Funny how the Lord works that way -- you have to come to a place of abandonment before He can truly bless you.

Last night's lesson at Axcess? Repentance. Ouch. The Lord knew I really needed that. Really good lesson -- I'll put the notes in a separate post.


At 26 October, 2006 09:24, Blogger Redeemed said...

That is really neat how that worked out! Ok, will now go read your lessons' post :)


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