12 September 2005

Creepy Flirt

I hate it when guys flirt with me... even if it's only happened a few times. If someone in his un-right mind flirts with me, he is either (a) desperate or (b) trying to sell me something.

This guy was both.

I was walking in the mall, minding my own business. (Now mind you, I don't like malls. I had to run an errand at Sears and decided to walk a little just for the hey-ho of it.) All of the sudden...

"Hello beautiful lady. Come here... I'd like to show you something."

Yeah. I'd like to show you something too... my fist.

For some reason, I stood there for ten minutes, letting the poor idiot talk my ear off.

"Sorry, but I don't have any money."


It seemed to take forever to get away from him. I was greatly annoyed. Creep. I've decided to wear a ring on my ring finger to reduce the chances of someone messing with me. It's a more peaceful way of saying "Back off" than punching someone or kicking his shins.

Aston Martin DB9

07 September 2005

For the Love of Hamburger!

Preparing for a medical test is torture... especially this one. Can't eat solid foods for 48 hours. Have to drink a ton of medicinal fluid to clear out my colon. Confined to jello and chicken broth, I fear I shall kill someone before this is all over.

Oh, what I'd do for a hamburger! (And I don't even like hamburgers.)

No matter where I go I see food... TV commercials, the kitchen... oh.

04 September 2005


David, my older brother, has the cutest and craziest pet chinchilla named Reepicheep (from the Chronicles of Narnia). Last night, my two brothers decided to let Reep run loose in the hallway. I had already been asleep for two hours and, of course, did not expect a furball to be running through the hall. Sleepily stumbling out of my room to go to the bathroom, I caught flash of gray. Something as running towards me! The chinchilla greeted me by perching on my feet. Was I startled! My brothers though this was great fun. Reepicheep continued to follow me as I walked to the bathroom door. Even when I managed to get in, the little monster sat in front of the door, chewing on it while he waited for me. In the daytime, I would think this very funny, but it was rather creepy at 11 PM.

02 September 2005

Immortal Teenager

When you're a teenager you think you're immortal and invincible. You know everything there is to know and the world is at your feet to conquer.

...until God pulls the rug from beneath your feet.

It always takes a few knocks in the head for God to get my attention. He sends trials to show me just how invincible and omnipotent I really am (zilch).

When I graduated from highschool in the spring of 2005, I had everything figured out. My whole life was all planned out and it was an exciting fairytale. I was going to get my AS in nursing, tranfer to another college to get my BS, then go to the University of London to get my MA in "Public Health in Developing Countries." I was going to save the world! Nothing could stop me... or so I thought.

Then in May I began to have increasing health problems.

Multiple doctor/hospital visits and tests over the past few months have been very humbling for a person who has had "perfect" health for her entire life (the vast span of 17 years). Last Thursday, I had an upper GI and SBFT . Next week I'll have a colonoscopy, pH study,and endoscopy. Hopefully the doctors can diagnose my problem(s) before I lose my health insurance in less than three months.

Well, at least I would go to nursing school, right? It seems that God had other plans. After my first day of A&P, I was having second thoughts about nursing. I've never been especially gifted in science or math. If I was to follow through with my plans, I'd have to take lots of difficult science and math courses.

I thought back to a conversation with a doctor friend of mine. Do what you love and God will provide a way. (When we last met, I was caught up in his descriptions of his medical work in rural China. I romanticized. I dreamed. I wanted to be a doctor. Medical school wasn't feasible, so nursing school was my next option. Was that what I enjoyed? Was I gifted in this area? I didn't know, but it sure sounded cool.) What I truly enjoy is writing and helping people with personal problems.

With all that to say, I ended up dropping Algebra and A&P, only doing college part-time. Don't know what my major will be. Have no idea what I'm going to do for a career. Maybe photo-journalism. Maybe counselling.

But when I have no plans, God's plans work best (becuase I'm not getting in the way).